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                                   Welcome to the Kaiwaka Stewarts Web Site

This site is a resource for descendants (and anyone else interested) of Angus and Margaret Stewart who emigrated from Prince Edward Island to New Zealand in 1859 and settled in Kaiwaka, north of Auckland.  The site  is intended to provide an overview of the family history as well as being a repository of information which was not included in the book ""Skye To Timber Mountain" (click here to find out more about the book).  The site managers  are descended from Vivian, son of Malcolm, grandson of Angus, and the site naturally reflects our view of the family and the Kaiwaka district.
We intend to continue adding all types of material to the site including historical and modern genealogies, documents, photos etc.   We  welcome input from anyone who can to help fill the gaps in the history of the Kaiwaka Stewarts and add to the recorded history of Kaiwaka.

People are welcome to use the information in this site, but we ask that as a courtesy, you send us an e-mail if you are going to do so.
We are interested in your interest!

The information currently contained in this site is believed to be accurate and every effort has been made to validate the information and acknowledge sources.    Our apologies to any sources not correctly acknowledged. Anyone who can add information or correct erroneous information, please use the forum. It  will be greatly appreciated.
Angus Malcolm Stewart
1833 - 1925
Margaret Stewart
1835 -1925
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